999 was a long running series from the BBC about amazing rescue stories. Narrated by Michael Burke, the programme took the audience through the accident, the survival, and the rescue of three people each week. The story was told through the testimonies of the witnesses, rescuers, and the person rescued.

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Do You Remember 999?

Do You Remember 999?

  • mah91 on 2013-01-08 03:33:35
    Hey Guys, Does any one remember the episode with a man got imapled after a lorry crashed of the motorway near chester? If so thats my dad, does anyone have or know where i can get a copy of the clip?
  • spirit-rebel on 2011-05-27 00:10:43
    I loved the show and tuned in every week . I particularly remember the theme tune . I miss it nowadays . Michael Burke was a great presenter , later to be joined by Juliet lewis if memeory serves me right . I'd love to see it back on our screens as there's too much cr@p on that aint worth the bother nowadays !
  • RussWWFC on 2009-09-14 18:20:39
    Yeah, I remember that storm one, in fact I've got it off the net and put it on a DVD. I remember Footy team struck by lightning Javelin Lost in snowy mountains Man impaled on pool cue Nut allergy Wasp stimg - shock Baby choking on apple core Man with hole in throat falls in river and loads more
  • anniemal08 on 2009-05-30 18:58:01
    I remember quite clearly the special episode they did about the Great Storm of 1987, and this reconstruction they did of this woman who was blown out of her bedroom by the storm and got struck by thunder...terrified the life out of me.
  • Anna Buckley on 2009-05-25 16:48:41
    Bring back 999! I LOVE this show!!!!!
  • nicolarandall on 2008-10-21 17:43:14
    Oh i remember the javelin one. I watched this programme religious when i was a kid and when ever November 5 came around there would be a warning for kids about the dangers of fireworks. Bring back 999.
  • steve edwards on 2007-10-03 16:20:57
    its ok people , its not all that bad , i joined the ambulance service that owned that ambulance i mentioned earlier and spent 17 years there
  • Anonymous on 2007-07-04 09:31:04
    A man was going for a swim in the Sea and had half his leg got ripped off by a rock. It was really scarey - then the music would come and Michael Burke would assure you that he was alright after extensive surgery! Michael Burke rocked!!
  • Anonymous on 2007-03-01 16:29:34
    I watched this from the age of about 7 religiously - Im suprised I didnt have nightmares!!!
  • Anonymous on 2007-01-25 22:28:07
    I remember that episode steve it scared the life outta me, didnt watch it for a while then next time i did sum 1 got impaled with a javelin. I never watched it again
  • Anonymous on 2007-01-23 21:39:53
    i remember in the first series they had a story of a car that went through a bridge and the driver was impaked , later on a few years the ambulance that was in the story was sold to our st john unit
  • Anonymous on 2007-01-23 00:20:31
    I used to love 999, but the title music used to scare me!!