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  • Raleigh Grifter
    Check out the grifter forum for all your grifting memories
  • Raleigh Commando
    There was also the black one with orange writing on it , 38 and got two
  • Raleigh Burner
    oh i do own a raleigh rebel , basically an ultra burner without the welded gusset , rare as hens teeth now
  • Raleigh Burner
    im 37 and have just bought an original unmolested burner , its blue and yellow , a base model but is completely original , even the tyres (which now need replacing) but its an 83 model so deffo a mk1 , i will be taking it billing this year for sure
  • BMX bikes
    i do believe that the bike you had sounds like the ultra burner , gold frame , black pads , black seat ect
  • Cover Up
    yes he was playing russian roulette ...he failed , you can buy cover up on dvd but it aint cheap
  • Casualty
    over dramatized , its not like that in real life , i promise you , all i ever seem to get is drunks , and old women with water works problems , hardly great viewing

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