Dave Allen at Large

Dave Allen was a top comedian who sat on a stool, sometimes smoking and sometimes drinking what he had us believe was whiskey. The jokes (many of which would now be considered extremely politically incorrect) were interspersed with sketches - and his show had a very high "laughs per minute rate".

Dave had an uncanny ability to see the humour in very ordinary situations. I particularly liked with way he finished each show with, "Goodnight, and may your God go with you."



Anyone else remember his last words on the show? "Goodnight, and may your god go with you".
fbatkin26-Apr-2013, 10:59:42 PM

dave allen (r.i.p) was so cool...spoke his mind...did nt give stuff for political correctness....good man.
janw07-Aug-2010, 02:38:36 AM

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