Lamb Chop's Play-Along

I remember faking being ill to stay at home and watch this back in the 90s! It was about this puppet lamb called (appropriately) Lamb Chop and he used to misbehave. I think the woman who starred alongside him in it was Shari lewis. There was also Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy. The end theme was the most memorable thing about the programme for me - it was 'This Is The Song That Never Ends'. I used to get great pleasure annoing family and friends by singing this.



Lamb Chop actually started back in '57, as an incidental character on the American children's show 'Hi Mom!' Shari Lewis went on to have her own Lamb Chop show in the '60s, in which Charley Horse and Hush Puppy made their respective debuts. The series was repeated in Britain in the '70s, which is when I first remember it (I didn't know about the more recent 'Lamb Chop's Sing-a-Long').
Sadly, Shari Lewis passed away in '98 of pneumonia contracted when she was being treated for uterine cancer- her daughter Mallory is now continuing the Lamb Chop heritage with a TV show of her own.
Chop was an unusually engaging puppet, and seemed to be more than that (rather like Basil Brush or Bagpuss)- she definitely had a personality that was both impetuous, feisty and yet vulnerable, along with a terrific expression that spoke defiance, conceit but at the same time great appeal, She ultimately evoked protective feelings in viewers of all ages. I remember less about her two colleagues, although Charley Horse came across as a bit of a pushy bumpkin as I recall. Once when Shari was singing a song called 'Oh What Would you Like for Dinner Tonight?', the garrilous equine reeled off a list of completely incompatible foodstuffs that included 'toast and gravy' (actually, that sounds rather nice....!!)
Roxxy30-Jan-2011, 06:37:29 PM

Yes I remember Lamb chop and all his friends, it was good, and very cute wouldn't you say?
Goldie22-Jun-2010, 11:01:25 AM

I still manage to annoy my brother by singing the "song that never ends"!
sweetsingeruk28-May-2009, 06:28:46 PM

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