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  • Lamb Chop's Play-Along
    Yes I remember Lamb chop and all his friends, it was good, and very cute wouldn't you say?
  • Astro Boy
    My daughter used to watch Astro Boy on tellie in the 80's and even today she has wonderful memories of this favourite childs cartoon. She has bought several DVD's on it also.
  • Old Spice
    Yes, thats right. I'm glad someone else remembers it too. Thanks.
  • Hot Pants
    Hot Pants were a real fashion statement in the early 70's they were figure hugging short of many colours, I loved the hot pink colour. Worn with a co-ordinated coloured tight fitting top, and usually with knee high boots.
  • Occur
    I too remember Occur perfume from Avon. There were so many beautiful perfumes that avon made, especially back in the 70's and 80's. Does anyone remember a few perfumes like Wishing, Hana Gasa, somewhere, and Rapture, which were also from Avon?
  • Old Spice
    I can remember Old Spice having a mans deoderant called Leather, and the can was brown in colour. It smelt very nice and I will admit that I even used it myself because it was THAT nice. I wish old spice still made it. Does anyone else remember this deoderant?
  • Topaz
    Hi tigs, just thought I would let you know that Ultra Violet perfume is available here in OZ. Thanks for sharing it with me. Regards Goldie

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