Desperate Dan Bars

I remember Desperate Dan Bars but it seems that none of my friends do, please tell me I'm not dreaming. Desperate Dan Bars were bright orange and very chewy with black crystals of some kind in them. The wrapper had a picture of Desperate Dan from The Beano on them.

Claire Mck


Desperate Dan from the Beano??? Great resourcing lol. He was the main man in the Dandy :D
AnneB24-Oct-2010, 03:50:05 AM

I'd forgotten about these - but now you mention it...!

Just one thing, though: Desperate Dan was from the Dandy, not the Beano!
Caff6817-Mar-2010, 10:30:54 AM

I do, I used to joke that the bars were made of Desperate Dans face! It put my friends off of them.
campkillgemma18-Sep-2008, 01:23:50 PM

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