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  • Zzzap
    Zapp was an amazing show. My sister and I used to race home from school to watch it.
  • Story Teller
    My uncle collected these and split the 6 binders and tapes between my cousins. It was great, I used to listen to it for hours.
  • Irn-Bru bars
    You can still get these but they are wham bars with "brew" flavour. Not as fizzy as the originals but still great.
  • Highland Toffee Bars
    You can still get these, I was amazed when I saw them. They disappeared for a wee while! I bought 4 haha.
  • Desperate Dan Bars
    I do, I used to joke that the bars were made of Desperate Dans face! It put my friends off of them.
  • Atmosfear
    I loved this game, I have the orignal video version, the expansion packs and the dvd game. STOP!! Who's turn is it next?! stand up!!

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