Lord Toffingham

Lord Toffingham was a banana-flavoured ice cream with a huge thick block of toffee / caramel / inside. Lovely! They were the ultimate 70's lolly. Didn't the wrapper have a depiction of a Lord Toffingham-type kid with a monocle and top hat all in a 70's brownish paper?

johnny astro


about time they brought back the lord toffinhams best lollys ever anyone know who made them
shimba28-Jun-2013, 07:16:23 PM

I seem to remember one called a Banana Wizard (or was ia a banana wizzer) back in the late 60's - did this evolve into the toffingham? -it was banana ice cream covering a wonderful strechy gooey grainy toffee centre!
sneale22-Dec-2008, 12:42:34 PM

These were great and I used to buy one every day from the ice cream van that parked outside our school at lunchtimes. The toffy was all soft and gooey by the time you got down to it.
Action Man27-Sep-2008, 09:19:04 PM

Yes I remember Lord Toffingham well. Got it from my local post office.
When you think what they do now with frozen toffee, this was well before its time!
Glees17-Jan-2008, 11:55:36 PM

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