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  • Action Man
    I hate to admit it but one of mine succumbed to execution by airgun. What other grisly ends did Action Man meet ?
  • Rag and Bone Man
    I used to rush to the window to watch him drive slowly past in some old truck, hanging his arm out the window ringing a hand bell. He always called out something, but I've no idea what he was supposed to be saying but it sounded something like "wheeeenahub"
  • Sherbert Pips
    Were these also called Tom Thumb Pips ? Carry the bag around for a day and they all melted into one lump and stuck to the paper.
  • Root Beer
    Disgusting stuff !
  • Pez
    I had a Donald Duck one.
  • Horror Bags (Smith's Snacks)
    I was at school with a girl whose surname was Horobin, and everyone called her 'Horrorbags' Aren't kids cruel !!
  • Highland Toffee Bars
    McGowans Highland Toffee - Fantastic.

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