Striper Chew Bars

Does anyone remember Striper Chew Bars? I used to eat them as a kid in the mid 80's and they were rainbow-coloured, stripy, fruit-flavoured chew bars. They came in a green wrapper and I think they were 10p

Ian from Manchester


I remember having a challenge to roll one up and eat it whole. Nearly choked on it but it still was good.

Bring them back.
bobsy smalls02-Aug-2014, 08:45:16 PM

I was the Paige boy in the advert when I bit into a bar the wedding party would change to stripy clothes. I have never seen the advert
Share7512-Mar-2014, 08:41:33 PM

I remember them! The ad had people that would go stripy when they took a bite, but I used to get so mad because I didn't go stripy when I ate one! My big brother's friend said that if I did a thumbs-up before I bit it, I would go stripy, so I did. And guess what?
thelovelyone13-Jun-2013, 07:05:22 PM

Does anyone remember what the advert was about
Share7504-May-2013, 07:27:05 PM

I loved Stripers - they should make a comeback! Yes there were 10p, I had one from the ice cream van at school every day. They don't make sweets like they used to lol
jovifreak20-Jan-2013, 02:50:44 PM

Just typed in striper as was just talking about sweets when we were kids. They were great and i even remember the word from the advert "Striper 4 times the flavour 4 times the cheeewww!!!". How sad am I lol
Phil Roberts10-Jun-2012, 01:31:28 PM

Oh Yes my Dad used to pick me and my sisters up from Sunday school with some of these as a special treat

Didn't there used to be an advert that had a tag line.. Comes up Flavour Stripe after Stripe.

Come to think of it I seem to recall a load of old adverts!!!
sminkyminky11-Dec-2009, 03:10:14 PM

i loved these but whatever happened to them. they didnt sell them for long.
samanthab98925-Sep-2008, 01:38:25 PM

I remember them well! I used to go to the sweet shop on a saturday morning with 50p and buy Fireball Jawbreakers a Wham bar,Highland toffee and a Striper.And Polos when they were 8p! Stripers ruled! Bring them back!!!
Matthew20-Feb-2008, 11:46:27 AM

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