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  • Farmer Browns Crisps
    The advert went something like this, and was to the tune of Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter: Farmer Brown you've got a tasty snack there... and finished with... with a moo moo, woof, baa and a cock a doodle doo!
  • Striper Chew Bars
    Oh Yes my Dad used to pick me and my sisters up from Sunday school with some of these as a special treat Didn't there used to be an advert that had a tag line.. Comes up Flavour Stripe after Stripe. Come to think of it I seem to recall a load of old adverts!!!
  • Rancheros
    I have just come back from Dublin, where I was thrilled to find them on sale in a Spar across from my hotel. I couldn't resist them even though they were 0.75 Euro which roughly equates to 75p. They tasted just how I remember them, yummy sent me right back. The shape isn't exactly what I remembered it though and resembled a bumpy Quaver. Next I hope to find some Ringos, Nesbitts, Hanky Panky and some Farmer Brown baked bean animal shapes! Happy Days

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