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  • Billy Joel
    Billy Joel is a legend and a consumate performer. I first saw him in concert in 1984 and several times since then and he still makes these newer singer song writers seem poor in comparison. For a small man,he certainly fills a stage and gives you a show to remember!
  • Bone Shakers
    Wow. I'd completely forgotten about these! I once used one of the coffins to bury my dead goldfish in our front garden! I'm sure you could put the sweets together and it made a skelington. Rest in peace Chip the fish.
  • Striper Chew Bars
    I remember them well! I used to go to the sweet shop on a saturday morning with 50p and buy Fireball Jawbreakers a Wham bar,Highland toffee and a Striper.And Polos when they were 8p! Stripers ruled! Bring them back!!!
  • Scented Erasers
    Remember the big dice rubbers? They smelled sickly sweet but mine lasted all through middle school even though i had to recolour all the dots on it.
  • Computacar
    I don't know whether this is the same thing but i had a black Corvette which had a key pad under the bonnet and you programmed it in the same way as a Big Trak. It went forward,backwards,left and right and you could make it flash its lights. Not as exciting as a Big Trak but it looked cool and scared the hell out of our cat!
  • Sticker Albums
    I recently found my Football '86 sticker album and immediatly i was taken back to the playground at middle school with a duffel coat pocket full of swaps and muttering 'Got,got,got....Need!' I always had a surplus of Bruce Grobbelar stickers which nobody wanted. Even 22 years later,the pages in these albums still smell the same and the Peter Beardsley picture still amuses me.
  • Raleigh Strika
    I was the proud owner of a blue and yellow Strika XL which i immediatly removed the metal mudguards from and learned how to do wheelies,bunny hops and all manner of dangerous tricks including jumping off ramps which would have had Evel Kneivel soiling his pants. How i didn't kill myself on that bike is still a mystery to me considering the last couple of years i had it with no brakes! It also developed a clank on the pedal which i never did anything about.Did anyone ever colour in the lettering on their tyres with chalk?

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