Eiffel Tower Lemonade Crystals

Eiffel Tower Lemonade Crystals Drink

Foster Clark Ltd. was the drinks company in Maidstone, Kent that produced this drink. The bottles were very distinctive and are sold today as vintage. They were presumed to hold liquid crystals rather than drinking liquid.

Julie Dilley


A bit before my time but I would have loved to try this now, but sadly like a lot of yummy childhood things on here, the nanny health ministers wouldn't allow it and if they did it probably wouldn't taste the same. Sigh!
Tonybiker12-May-2014, 04:21:43 PM

I have a Pewter tankard dated 1958 & presented to the top salesman by Foster Clarkes for the most sales of Eiffel Tower during the sales campaign for that year
barryfrombrighouse12-Mar-2014, 09:30:55 PM

Yes this came up in conversation the other day as in the 50s/60s I remember this as a lovely summer drink. the other thing we talked about was Creamola foam which came in a tin and fizzed up when added to water. Has anybody any memories of this?
MnP11-Aug-2013, 06:46:31 PM

just caught this link ..... I remember Eiffel Tower lemonade crystals from late 50s early 60s made by my grandmother and it was the best soft drink ever made! Yes please someone revive this drink as it would be a big hit again. From memory you poured boiling water over the crystals in a jug, stirred until they dissolved, wait to cool, and then bottled the syrup, add water to taste just like you do with squash, gorgeous. I remember that in addition to lemon flavour, which was a taste all of its own, you could also get orange flavour. Mmmmmmmmm
NoisyParkser08-Aug-2013, 10:05:14 PM

Amazing what you can find by googling! I looked this up after telling my boys about my granny's kitchen - she had one of those stand alone units with the flap down enamelled work tops and petal-shaped adjustable vents. On a high shelf she had a small bottle of Eiffel tower lemonade crystals, which she sometimes let me taste, though I don't remember her ever making lemonade - I think she used them to make lemon meringue pie. That would have been early 1960s. Great to find other folks memories.
Hannah CW26-Oct-2012, 07:58:26 AM

I can remember drinking this as recently as 1974, so production must have carried on for some years after the Fosters closure. The final bottle as I remember it was cylindrical in shape, with a large screw cap. Lovely stuff.
Neil, Bath

BathTimes02-Oct-2012, 11:04:08 AM

I remember Eiffel Tower Lemonade very well. We were not allowed it at our house for some reason, but my next-door-neighbours used to drink it and I always hoped I would be offered it. It was so much nicer than squash! I seem to remember that it tasted very similar to the drink I made with lemon sherbert crystals, which are still available, so those hankering after a trip down memory lane could try that and report back as to whether they agree that it is similar.
soos14-May-2012, 08:19:18 PM

Where have all my tastebuds gone?
~ This was the best lemonade drink EVER and its nice to see that others like me remember it with `Those Summer Days`.
christobell07-Dec-2011, 06:26:17 AM

I had to check this out, everyone told me I was imagining this fabulous drink. I wish it could be revived. Best ever. many a happy summer day drinking it with my brothers.
Linny11-May-2011, 08:10:59 PM

I'm so glad to see that other people also remember this wonderful drink from my childhood. I have never tasted a lemonade to equal it, and often think how nice it would be to re-experience on a hot summer day!
It was made by a Co called Foster Clark - if only someone still has the recipe and would come forward with it.
memories15-Jul-2010, 11:02:06 PM

Last year, while helping to restore Gough's Orchard Lock in Stroud, I found a very small, square section bottle moulded with "Tower Lemonade" (no sign of the word Eiffel) i a heap of spoil excavated from the lock chamber. It still has its somewhat corroded metal lid on, and contains a completely clear, colourless liquid. It had been buried in spoil for who knows how many years (the lock was last used in about 1930 but filled in progressively ever since).
chriscolborne25-Jun-2010, 08:51:24 AM

i just found a small, square glass botle bearing this name, in my new back garden, great to imagine some previous householder here enjoying a refreshing drink on a glorious afternoon. thanks for the identification!
liz dorfman09-May-2010, 06:44:07 PM

This brings so many happy memories of childhood back to my sister and myself, many happy times with dolls tea sets in the garden and a jug of Eiffel Tower lemonade, we both would love to be able to buy it today, it was the best drink ever
fran84514-Jun-2009, 12:15:20 PM

I found this page by Googleing Eiffel Tower Lemonade in the hope of finding that it was still obtainable. It was such a refreshing drink and I was hoping to be able to introduce my grandchildren to it. No such luck.

croeso09-Jun-2009, 04:44:29 PM

Eiffel Tower was a lovely treat as my Mum mostly bought Suncrush squash. My two older sisters could never remember this fabulous drink and I'm thrilled to discover Eiffel Tower was real and I've not been going mad over the years!!
Fee16-Feb-2009, 08:32:32 AM

Hot summer days playing football followed by a long glass of cold Eiffel Tower Lemonade, the best drink ever... I thought it was just my imagination but now I know it was all true!! The company went bust in 1965... somebody should revive this wonderful product.
derek24-Nov-2008, 08:33:01 PM

Oh how wonderful to find other fans of Eiffel Tower Lemondade. 100% agree that it was the BEST lemonade ever. Why did they stop making it? We used to have the jar of crystals to make a large jug's worth, and also the tin of Eiffel Tower lemonade powder to make individual glasses. Aaaaahhhh such memories of childhood.
CeeJay14-Sep-2008, 11:48:24 PM

I agree..Eiffel Tower lemonade crystals made the most refreshing lemonade drink ever!
scorpio10-May-2008, 06:02:33 AM

Eiffel Tower lemonade crystals small glass bottle with yellow crystals mixed with water (& maybe sugar) to make the best lemonade ever
DYR18-Sep-2007, 03:00:20 PM

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