Splicer Bars

Splicer Bars came out in the mid 1980s and were fruit-flavoured and multi-coloured twisted candy bars which were really chewy. The advert featured a policeman and various other people biting into a splicer bar and it turned them all multi-coloured! Ace! They tasted soft but chewy...

Orange Cremola Foam


I loved these, must have ate at least 2-3 bars a week. I think I use to eat them one colour at a time and I think you could pull them apart but not sure long time ago.
Ross24-Aug-2012, 02:20:58 PM

At last - other Splicer fans. No-one else I know remembers them which, I guess, explains why they stopped making them.
PeeJay14-Apr-2011, 12:34:07 PM

I think of them a lot.....
Anytime a mention them to anyone no one else remembers them and i was beginning to think they were just a sweet dream.
mairead23-Nov-2010, 05:51:34 PM

yeah i remember the splicer, it was a fruity chew bar, a bit like opal fruits in a bar !!!!
DYR24-May-2009, 08:22:05 AM

OMG. They were like Opel Fruits rolled into a sausage shape of the same flavour, then the four sausages were twisted together and ... heh presto ... I give you, the Splicer Bar!!!

The jingle went:

"Splicer, is nicer
it's sweet everytime.
Strawberry and Orange, with Lemon and Lime.
Bite it, you'll like it
And soon you will see.
Splicer, is nicer.
From Nestle Rowntree."

I still remember the jingle!


I thought I was the only person left alive who remembered them! Ha to everyone who thought I was mad!!!

Bring back the Splicers!
waynerz28-Oct-2008, 08:37:37 PM

Blast from the past!! Yes they were sort of pastel coloured and fruity - not thought about them in 30 yrs!
hungry lass29-Sep-2008, 09:50:27 AM

I remember them well - but by another name 'striper'. As I remember from the ad they were also at a wedding and they all turned coloured as they bit in the bars. Do you know why they had two names?
Caz18-Feb-2007, 03:49:10 PM

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