Charles and Eddie

Charles and Eddie were a duo with a major hit from 1992 "Would I Lie to You". Eddie was the one with long hair, Charles with short. They made fantistic music at the time.


You have to be an Aussie chick to know this, but Southern Sons had more and LONGER hair than Eddie! "Would I Lie to You" is a great little song, very upbeat and playful.
nugirl24-Oct-2008, 02:59:17 PM

I absolutely loved Charles and Eddie. Eddie has a brilliant website with some fab music on it, it's such a shame Charles passed away and at such an early age. My fav song though has to be Would I lie To You which hit the number one slot here in the UK. i also love 24-7-365 and N.Y.C.
Jane29-May-2007, 02:56:10 PM

I met Charles Pettigrew when he played in London in 1993. Great guy. Think he ate, slept and breathed music. After he split with Eddie he recorded and played with the Tom Tom Club and also sang title track on Dave Koz album, Lucky Man. Charles died 6th April 2001 from cancer. Eddie is still in the biz and his website is great.
DK29-Dec-2006, 02:18:44 AM

I am so sorry. I just read that one of them has died. Their music is still alive in my CD player, in my mind and in my heart. Too bad good people have to leave so early.
Adam21-Oct-2006, 03:42:17 AM

I love charles & Eddie. Where are those so talented ones?
Adam21-Oct-2006, 03:39:04 AM

Eddie Chacon ... Rocks!!! I wrote to him and he wrote back.... Pretty Cool!!! He took the time to write back to a fan... Don't find too many stars with that much class nowadays......... Eddie is the BEST!!!
Rammer05-Oct-2006, 06:40:20 PM

Eddie still writes and produces. Charles Pettigrew passed away. Eddie is really very talented, they were more than one hit wonders, it's just their one hit (Would I Lie to You) was so huge. A remake was done by Musik in Denmark last year feat. Eddie. Eddie has a and a my space music site, too.
sasha15-Sep-2006, 08:02:09 PM

Being the mushy one I am, I really liked their song. I think that the bloke who died was called Charlie Pettigrew (or something like that) and it was sadly because of cancer. I remember having a crush on Eddie..(am I sad or what!?)
Becky13-Sep-2006, 12:58:32 PM

Eddie's name is Eddie Chacon, he is still in the music biz and has a website. I can't find anything about Charles.
Kat07-Sep-2006, 06:02:43 AM

DYR21-Aug-2006, 11:28:01 AM

Classic tune, i believe one of them has now passed away though : (
Richard28-Jul-2006, 12:00:49 PM

I bought this single! Total one hit wonders!
Viv27-Jul-2006, 09:12:16 PM

I may be mistaken but i'm sure these guys were a one hit wonder! I believe they got to no.1 in the charts in the early 90's with 'Would I Lie To You', but who knows what happened to them after that!
Melanie Clapham24-Jan-2005, 03:07:35 PM

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