Bone Age

Many of the best toys are the ones that can be rebuilt or transformed in some way. Bone Age was an interesting series where the skeletons of dinosaurs could be rebuilt into different shapes or combined with other skeletons and/or the weapons. They were pretty hefty toys both in size and weight. The line was divided into three clans, with each clan having three skeletons.

Made by Kenner between 1987 and 1988, Bone Age was released at a time when they toy manufacturer was struggling with sales. Their successful Ghostbusters line was coming to the end of its life and their Sky Commanders series had failed to catch much attention. Bone Age was Kenner's attempt to do something radically difficult in a hope to turn around poor profits. Unfortunately, it failed to succeed and it never made it past its first series.

Sean Webb


I have been looking for even just the name of these toys for ages! I knew I had Tritops and Ptero when I was younger, but the other of the Ice Clan, Dynacus, slipped my mind. These were among my favourite toys when I was growing up. Over the past decade, I've been looking through used toy shops for them, but so far I haven't had any luck. I loved that the dinosaur bones were all interchangeable. Having three of the critters, I was able to build a great many machines. Tanks.. Planes.. Helocopters.. Even tried to use the rib cages to mount the tails and horns atop my arm. I miss my youth.
Pete Gooch13-Feb-2007, 05:39:35 AM

Bone Age toys were my favorite toys for years. I had the T-Rex and the Ankylosaurus. The T-Rex came with a big strong caveman guy and Ank had a sort of Shamen-looking guy I think.
tim04-Apr-2005, 04:25:12 PM

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