Zig Zag Zoom

This was a marble game – but a marble game extra-ordinaire!

The game came with a number of coloured marbles, different colours for each player. Zig-Zag-Zoom was pretty cool as it involved skill. I did get better the more I played it. The game play relied almost entirely on predicting how a marble would weave on a playing board that had a lot of small hills on it.

Basically, each player takes their turn rolling their coloured marbles, attempting to make their ball “ZigZag” around holes in an attempt to have it drop in the hole farthest to the end. In a way it was a little like golf – only without the clubs and you had to avoid some holes as well as try to get the balls in the end hole.

It was made by Ideal in 1977, and the back of the box says that “It's a wild, wacky funsational game requiring skill and perseverance” Yep, it certainly needed perseverance.

It was fun to play though, and like a few games that I had around that time – the Rubiks cube and Mousetrap it was worth the effort to perfect because when you got it right it was great. Once I mastered it I loved whipping my Dad at the game every time we played!

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Do You Remember Zig Zag Zoom?

Do You Remember Zig Zag Zoom?