In the early 70's came Ideal's "Mighty Zeroids"!, "The workers of the future".

These amazing robots originally cost five pounds,, and later even less, and ran on tank treads powered by motors from Ideal's line of Motoriffic cars.

Originally they were a trio: Zobor the Bronze Transporter, Zintar the Silver Explorer, and Zerak the Blue Destroyer.

They were individually packaged in clear plastic boxes with a yellow reversing ramp. Zobor had a cosmobile, Zintar a lunar sled, and Zerak a control station, each of which formed the back of the plastic box.

There was also Zemo, a rare Zeroid made of various parts from the others. Later came Zogg, the Zeroid Commander, who could activate various devices. These were amazing and very futuristic. The design of the Zeroids brought to mind the robot from Lost in Space

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Do You Remember Zeroids?

Do You Remember Zeroids?