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A Zero bar came in dark chocolate or milk chocolate. The milk chocolate one had a silver wrapper and the dark chocolate one had a gold wrapper. Each bar had about four or five square shaped chunks of chocolate, but inside was a truffle. When the chunk melted in your mouth then you got to the truffle in the centre which was cold, hence 'zero'. I can't remember who made them.

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Do You Remember Zero?

Do You Remember Zero?

  • Darci03
    Ours are also Called the Zero Bar!
  • Darci03
    Huh...Never heard of that Zero bar but we have a candy bar that is in a silver wrapper that is covered in White Chocolate...I think it has nuts and whipped chocolate inside. Havn't had one in a couple of years but they still make them here..don't know where you are located but I'm in the USA and they are made by the Mars company same people that make Snickers!