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  • Zero
    Ours are also Called the Zero Bar!
  • Zero
    Huh...Never heard of that Zero bar but we have a candy bar that is in a silver wrapper that is covered in White Chocolate...I think it has nuts and whipped chocolate inside. Havn't had one in a couple of years but they still make them here..don't know where you are located but I'm in the USA and they are made by the Mars company same people that make Snickers!
  • Early Edition
    Loved that show!
  • Lil' Babies
    Wow...I loved these things...I was real little when My mom started collecting them but I wasn't allowed to play with them. I remember she would take them down and let me look at them every now and then but I no playing. When we would buy them we would feel the package trying to figure out which one was in it cuz they came in small packages but you couldn't see in them...it was always a mystery! We had a house a fire when I was about 10 and she lost them all, wish I could find them to replace the collection! We didn't have them all but we had a lot of them!

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