Zany Zappers

Zany Zappers were daft, like Deely Boppers and were basically just plastic sun glasses with a light emitting diode in the middle of each lense. The Zany Zappers were powered by a PP3 9-volt battery on the end of a length of wire that could be hidden in a pocket. The lights could be flashed to "surprise" anyone who hadn't noticed the plastic/wiring and diode in the middle of your glasses.

Despite their obvious comic potential, Zany Zappers were completely useless to wear as the lights totally blocked your vision. However, they were moderately fun for use in the cinema and good to use as a distraction during that sad part in E.T.!

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Do You Remember Zany Zappers?

Do You Remember Zany Zappers?

  • Anonymous user
    Me & my best friend (Sheryl) bought ours at K Mart in Rialto, California. We put on silver plastic sweat clothes & would walk the streets at night pretending to be aliens. We scarred a few kids & then went home. I used to love those glasses along with my cosmic liquidator (pump water gun). 2 B a kid again. Schroeder