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Yes Prime Minister

Yes Prime Minister was the follow up sitcom of Yes Minister. Hacker is thrust into number 10 by double dealing civil servants who believe he will be a push over and thus a perfect PM. This is not the case and Hacker takes it more seriously and wants to make a difference. This is a nightmare for the civil servants and we were entertained each week as he thwarted their efforts to control the country. Paul Eddington at his best.

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Do You Remember Yes Prime Minister?

Do You Remember Yes Prime Minister?

  • MissConduct
    A natural progression from the terrific "Yes Minister" show. I am glad in a way it only lasted two seasons, probably due to Paul Eddington's rapid deterioration in his health in the mid to late 80s. But I also felt the show had become more than just a parody, but silly slapstick at times- not least with one episode where Sir Humphrey Appleby is hunting around Downing Street for his key, including climbing through windows! The less said about the appalling and totally unnecessary 2013 reboot the better!