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Yellowthread Street

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Originally aired in 1990, Yellowthread Street was a gritty police drama set on the streets of Hong Kong. It featured an international cast, starring Ray Lonnen as the chief with, amongst others, Bruce Payne, Tzi Ma and Mark McGann. More of a cult hit, it only ran for one season of 13 episodes before being cancelled.

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Do You Remember Yellowthread Street?

Do You Remember Yellowthread Street?

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    I think it first began in '89 rather than '90, and focused on a department of the British Colonial Police in Hong Kong (this was when the island was still a British dependency). The storylines were slender and the characers two-dimensional; in fact the series had marginal plot and was really a vehicle for showing lots of dramatic shots of Hong Kong. An excellent idea, but the dramatic content should have come first. Ray Lonnen had previously taken the lead role in the 1982 thriller 'Harry's Game', based around the troubles in Northern Ireland.