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The year is 1972 and I'm getting my weekly fix of Top of the Pops - puberty looms like a nemesis with a flick-knife! Before me stands this bearded freak with wild hair, looking like Captain Caveman with badly applied make-up singing "Ball Park Incident". I watch from the safety of behind the sofa, I've been warned about these type of strangers!

The man is Roy Wood (formerly of The Move), charismatic front man for the glam-rock band Wizard. Despite their scary appearance, they had an awesome Phil Spectre type sound due to having two of every instrument and were one of the better bands of the 70s.

Did you know that Roy Wood married Annie Haslam of Renaissance? Who were Renaissance? Well that's another story!

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Do You Remember Wizzard?

Do You Remember Wizzard?

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    See My Baby Jive The first record I ever Bought Still love it