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  • Wizzard
    See My Baby Jive The first record I ever Bought Still love it
  • Paul Young
    The Best exponent of Blue eyed soul I have heard
  • Guys n Dolls
    Thereza Bazar and David Van Day went on to from the group Dollar
  • Glenn Medeiros
    I remember having an argument with someone about this song that was written for him to sing !! strange as I had an LP of George Benson singing it some two years Previous and no the cover was not a patch on Mr Bensons silky vocals
  • Slogans on T-Shirts
    Does anyone remember my fav tshirt Adolf Hittlers European Tour T Shirt it had the dates on the back with London 1940 with Cancelled through it
  • Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster
    I remember that they used to give live coverage on the radio as the shuttles were taking off I think it was on Simon Bates show he was almost in tears describing what had happened and they stopped covering the take offs shortly after
  • Opal Fruits
    the mint ones PACERS any one remember then

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