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This ITV mini-series was based around four widows of East End villians, the women lost their husbands while they were attempting to rob a security van in London until it caught fire. A fourth woman was enlisted to help the widows as they had found their late husbands' plans for a failed robbery, they now pulled off their own 'job'.

After successfully pulling off the raid, the all escaped to Rio but in the final scenes, they discovered that one of the husband's that were supposed to have died was infact still alive and that was Dolly's husband 'Harry'. He was now out to get what he thought was rightfully his......the cash.

The leader of the gang was Dolly (played by Ann Mitchell). The six-part series was aired in 1983 to great public review.

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Do You Remember Widows?

Do You Remember Widows?

  • Anonymous user
    Remember it well, it got huge viewing figures. The eulogy from the opera 'Orpheus and Euridyce' was used as the theme music in the final episode, I can never hear that now without remembering the series.