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  • Chef's Square Shape Soup
    I remember the ad but thought it was Knorrs square shaped soups.
  • R Whites Lemonade Advert
    I seem to remember a man wearing striped pyjamas in a red telephone box singing the R Whites song because he was a secret lemonade drinker!
  • Aqua Manda
    I'm afraid that I thought Aqua Manda smelled like curry - phew!
  • The Herbs
    "I'm Dill the dog, I'm a dog called Dill" his song says it all.
  • The Great Egg Race
    I loved this programme but thought the idea of it was to build a contraption to get an egg from A to B without breaking it.
  • Rock Follies
    Red-haired Charlotte Cornwell was the 3rd member of the Follies.
  • Get it together
    The Roy in question was Roy North

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