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Whigfield's biggest hit was 90s electro-pop 'Saturday Night'. I remember everybody I worked with at the time absolutely loved this track - and would always dance around to it with great enthusiasm on any given night out. Myself? I, er... I wasn't such a fan. But, I think it was a number one, and for that to happen someone must have liked it!

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Do You Remember Whigfield?

Do You Remember Whigfield?

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    I heard a story about this song. Apparently, its massive popularity was due to the fact that it was a huge club hit on the continent, and people were coming back from their European holidays with the song firmly planted in their heads, and nowhere in Britain to buy it! Enormous public demand ensured its release, and guaranteed it a place at the top of the charts. This is nothing new; the same sort of thing happened in 1971 with another record that for many people is probably best forgotten: Middle Of The Road's 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep'.