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Wheel of Fortune

This quite good quiz show ran from the 1980s to the early 21st century. It was first presented by Nicky Campbell, John Leslie and Bradley Walsh.

Contestants had to spin the 'Wheel of Fortune' which, when spun, used to make a hell of a racket and land on a number (equivalent to points). The contestants then had a guess at a letter for a popular (or in many cases, not so popular) phrase/item/place, etc. The winner would then go on to guessing s final word where they could win a star prize.

Jenny Powell used to be Nicky Campbell and John Leslie's helper on the Wheel of Fortune, and would turn around the boxes to reveal the letters.

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Do You Remember Wheel of Fortune?

Do You Remember Wheel of Fortune?

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    They sometimes show the various series on Challenge; (Freeview 46). I enjoy watching just to see how dated the clothes are.