Webster the Spider

He was a yellow spider with blue legs and red wheels and a string, because he was a pull along spider. He had really googly antennae on springs, which kept getting tangled eventually beyond repair.

He also had a bow tie, apparently, although I do NOT remember it because it fell off fairly quickly. So I had this spider, and I used to take him for walks. Which sounds weird, I know. He was one of those toys I remember seeing quite often in playgroups.

Somewhere I saw Webster in a museum, which makes me feel OLD!

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Do You Remember Webster the Spider?

Do You Remember Webster the Spider?

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    i work in a care home and a child 18 yrs old loves them his mum gets them off eBay and hes has 3 at a time usually. i think there great fun, especially the ones that make a noise( those are his favorite) other than eBay do you know were else i could get some??