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  • Mastermind
    OK, I know this sounds weird but I was at my grandparent's house at one point and they have an extensive version. It's for three players, I think it needs scored and there were definitely cards with coloured shapes on them. If only I'd been paying more attention! I shall see if I can find it online somewhere...
  • Bum bag
    I had a bumbag... with a DUCK on it. In fact the whole thing was a duck, it was really funny. I can't BELIEVE I used to wear it though.
  • Screwball Scramble
    Tomy still sell it. I was wondering because my friend's version has lost some of its magnetism and the hoop has broken off, but they sell it in blue. Cool, right? If you want a blue version, which I'm not so sure I would.
  • Baby-sitters Club
    Haha I was in Italy 4 or 5 years ago with my older sister and we saw the Babysitter's Club Books in Italian. And she worked out the titles, despite not knowing Italian! I read them too, but couldn't tell you the titles of any of them.
  • Sky Dancers
    I had 2 and my sister had 3, including a baby one that flew out of a rabbit. If you can believe it, she broke a lightbulb with one! Mum and Dad were NOT happy and we were made to go play on the stairs! They were still around with my baby sister, but somewhere along the line what with all my toys and my big sister's toys and her own toys, the actual dolls got lost. I still have a launcher in my room though!

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