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Wear'em Scare'em

Wear'em Scare'em were gifts you sent away for by saving up so many crisp wrappers (from Tudor crisps I think). The promotion was on i around 1974. Wear'em Scare'ems were little metallic faces that you could wear as some kind of fake talismans. I felt ripped-off when I saved the wrappers, posted them off and received theses tiny little metal scraps in the images of voodoo masks, skulls. They just weren't very scary at all when you had big sisters like mine!

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Do You Remember Wear'em Scare'em?

Do You Remember Wear'em Scare'em?

  • Anonymous user
    "Wear'em Scare'em swap em too, theres 8 all different and all for you..." Don't remember much about them, but I can still sing the advert...