Wanda the Walking Wonder Doll

Wanda was the amazing plastic doll that walked (wiggled) which was manufactured by the Advanced Doll & Toy Co during the 1950's.

She had sleep eyes, a closed mouth, blonde hair and moulded shoes that were installed with metal rollers / wheels. She was between 17 & 18" tall with a clockwork key mechanism on her right hip and came in a range of dress colours to include Blue, pink, white and yellow. Her arms, legs and head moved when operating.

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Do You Remember Wanda the Walking Wonder Doll?

Do You Remember Wanda the Walking Wonder Doll?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember seeing an advert for this doll when I was little. "You wave her wand and she walks. Wave the wand again and she stops." I desperately wanted it and had been given some money for my birthday. We went to the toy store and I saw the box but was talked out of buying the doll because I was told it would probably stop working and I'd better have something longer lasting. I've regretted that to this day.