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Tucker's Luck

Tucker's Luck starred the the boy Peter 'Tucker' Jenkins (aka Todd Carty who later went on to star as Mark Fowler in EastEnders) from Grange Hill (and also created by Phil Redmond, the man man behind Brookside) after he had left school. The great thing about it was that it had all his old pals in it.

It was set in the 80s on a council estate where tucker lived. Like many of the other kids on the estate, he lacks the qualifications of skills set needed to get any kind of job, so he goes on the dole. In the TV series we get a taster of what life's like for Tucker and his two bezzie mates, Alan Humphries and Tommy Watson, and how they get by each day, desperate for work and always skint.

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Do You Remember Tucker's Luck?

Do You Remember Tucker's Luck?

  • Anonymous user
    probably the biggest character in grangehills history tho not as BIG as Roly lol