Tuba Ruba

Tuba Ruba involves one person tying up one or two other people with long detachable tubes and then running a marble from one end of the tubes to another. You can make it especially tricky by going through the legs or around your arms, etc. It involves a lot of movement to get the marble out.

Tuba Ruba was awesome when you were a kid, most importantly in middle school and high school. It was a way to attach yourself to the opposite sex and then flirt without actually trying. And then there were the times when I was a kid that we used the tubes to bong soda. It was tough, and often hard to clean out the tubes.

Those tubes also make really cool noises when you put the marble through them. I wish I still had that game, but it's one of the better ones that disappeared.

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Do You Remember Tuba Ruba?

Do You Remember Tuba Ruba?

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    I used to love to play Tuba Ruba! My sisters and I had the game and we played it often, but we would lose parts very quickly. We'd have to replace parts with other things, like using marbles or superballs. I distinctly remember replacing some of the tubes with pool hose (bad idea). It's sad that this game isn't around anymore. Even people my age don't remember it.