Troop Beverly Hills (1989)

Shelley Long (of The Money Pit) plays Phyllis, a rich Beverly Hills wife going through a seperation. Her daughter is a member of the wilderness girls/girl scouts. In an effort to get close to her daughter and help the local troop, which are a laughing stock, she becomes a troup leader. But instead of the usual 'tent building' badges, she tutors the girls in diamond appraisal and fashion. Then the troop goes up against a hardcore wilderness troop, so they have to finally prove to everyone their worth. Troop Beverly Hills, made in 1989, was like the adolescent version more current flick Legally Blonde. Stars Tori Spelling as one of the young troopers, who later went on to star in Beverly Hills 90210.

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Do You Remember Troop Beverly Hills?

Do You Remember Troop Beverly Hills?