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  • Secret Chocolate Bar
    possiibly the most delicate chocolate bar in the world....also, the yummiest. so glad so many people remember them. yumyumyumyum
  • Pyramint
    i honestly thought i had dreamed these up as a child!!!!! none of my friends remember them. i don't think i liked them very much...too much goo in the middle, but they were SOOOOOOOO cool looking! That first bite when you weren't sure how they would implode.....so messy!
  • Run Rabbit Run
    I had this game!!! We inherited it from my cousins and i remember because it was well used that the slots on the board where you stuck your rabbits (or farmer) were really worn out, so they all used to practically lie down across the board. There was something very satisfying about popping the dice in that little dome!!!
  • Petite Post Office
    I had the petite post office! loved it, with it's little wieghing scales, stamps and dog licences!!! I remember writing my letter to santa, and being torn between wanting the post office and the business office set, which was similar but brown!

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