Tron (1982)

Tron was a 80's Disney flick about a guy hacking to retrieve proof that his creations were stolen. He then gets transported into the computer he's hacking and into a world of videogames. He is then forced to play the games till he can find a way out.

The two villians, Dillinger and the OCP remind me of Bill Gates and Windows! Not a commercial success but a cult favourite.

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Do You Remember Tron?

Do You Remember Tron?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember watching this on TV for the first time in a thunder storm. It knocked the power off so I missed the middle, but bought the DVD last year to watch it again.
  • Anonymous user
    I remember watching this movie with my brother. Both of us went completely tron crazy for months. The story kept us glued to the screen and the special effects were extremely innovating for that time. Among sci-fi and special effects fans, tron is often still quoted as a breaktrough movie. Don't miss the race halfway trough the movie, wich was also made into a rather fun pc game.