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Trollkins was a television show in the 80s about these "trolls" that lived in a tree. They were a bit like the Smurfs. Each one had their own personality. I can remember loving how the car came out of the tree trunk. I also remember how the Mayor would constantly 'spoonerize' things, and that made me want to 'spoonerize' words on purpose, peppering conversations with the word 'troll'.

Mayor Lumpkin was the leader of the trolls and his assistants were Sheriff Pudge Trollson and Deputroll Flake. The mayor's daughter, Pixie Trollson was the most beautiful in all the troll land. There was also a dog called Flooky. They all spoke with really hillbilly accents, which added to the comedy, and the soundtrack was country music.

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Do You Remember Trollkins?

Do You Remember Trollkins?