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Tricky Dicky from The Beezer

This character featured in The Beezer comic in the late '70s / early '80s, an obnoxious child who was much addicted to practical jokes of a not very pleasant sort. He was a kind of equivalent to The Beano's 'Roger The Dodger', but of a less pleasant nature- whereas Roger's only aim was to get out of doing things that he didn't want to have to do, Dicky just played pranks on the innocent and unsuspecting just for the hell of it. Needless to say, he usually got his come-uppance at the end of each story.

He's worth singling out for a mention because his face was not at all dissimilar to that of disgraced US President Richard Nixon, who's nickame was also 'Tricky Dicky'. Could the latter have inspired the former?!

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Do You Remember Tricky Dicky from The Beezer?

Do You Remember Tricky Dicky from The Beezer?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember one edition where he had all sorts of concealed gadgets around the family dinner table, so he could press buttons and make soup plates fly up into people's faces, etc.! At the end of the story Dad makes him swap seats so TD can get a taste of his own medicine! Obnoxious, maybe, but was there any young reader who wasn't on his side? I remember him as frequently using outlandish gadgets to form his plans, so perhaps there wasn't any real risk of children imitating him. I thought he was in the Topper, funnily, but I'm sure you're right.