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Never mind Black Lace, the worst band EVER from the 80's were Toto Coelo - an all girl UK band whose line-up included the daughter of Bob 'Blockbusters' Holness. You would think that with a cool dad like BH, some of this might have rubbed off, but no! Their one (thankfully) hit was 'I Eat Cannibals'. It is truly awful and even the thought of this is bringing me out in hives. It went into the top ten as well! Toto Coelo's "I Eat Cannibals" makes David Essex's stinker 'Nightclubbing' seem almost on a par with Mozart in comparison...

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Do You Remember Toto Coelo?

Do You Remember Toto Coelo?

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    I well remember that song, though I'd always thought up until now that it was done by Tom Tom Club. Dreadful indeed, and deeply embarrassing.