This was definitely a skill game – much like Kerplunk Buckaroo or Zig Zag Zoom.

Topple had a tower that rested on a stand, though it was unsteady, as it rested only on a pivot in the middle. The tower had holes on it to rest different sized pieces. As you put different pieces on the tower would sway and turn and tip. Increasing the possibility

The game itself was published in 1983 and designed by the brilliantly named Frank Thibault. Waddingtons Games made the wonderful thing.

It was such a difficult game to play! I wish I could say I mastered it, but I did nothing of the sort! I could never quite manage it. In fact another game it reminded me of is Jenga. Though I was MUCH better at JENGA. Jenga would topple, just like Topple!

My brother always had a preternatural skill for these types of balancing games and I just could never keep up. I’ve never had a steady hand anyway and so would always make some kind of slip up.

It was fun,a dn was for 2 – 4 players so at least you could play with some other people. I was MUCH better at it than my Grandmother though. At least I can say that!±

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Do You Remember Topple?

Do You Remember Topple?