TomyTronic 3D

These were heavily advertised in my childhood and I always wanted a pair.

They looked like a pair of binoculars from the future. They looked and worked a lot like Viewmasters and you could play various games on them. You looked down two eyepieces so each eye saw a slightly different view of the same image - making it look like 3 dimensions!!! Although the game might have been in 3 dimensions the image still wasn't animated so it was static.

The games were limited to the standard space invaders and driving games where you could be in one of three different lanes and all you had to do was switch lanes to dodge oncoming cars - just like real motorways!

Unfortunately the game screen was only visible if you had a strong light source coming in through the frosted plastic on the top of them, and you had to hold them up to your eyes constantly so your arms began to kill after a few minutes. They were the wii fitness of their generation - for bingo wings

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Do You Remember TomyTronic 3D?

Do You Remember TomyTronic 3D?

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    I'm happy to report that I've recently discovered that the one I had in the '80s - the white one 'Thundering Turbo' the driving game - still works! I put some new batteries in it the other day, and had a bit of retro nostalgic gaming fun.