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Tir Na Nog

Remember Tir Na Nog? This was an adventure game based on Celtic/Irish culture with the hero Cuchulainn for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC in 1984. I bought Tir Na Nog and spent many hours wandering about and not having a clue a) where I was going and b) why. I've recently come across a map and instructions on how to solve the puzzle. I only wish I still had the game! Mind you, it was way out of my league. My main achievements to date (and still are) were Atic Atac, Jetpack and Pyjamarama!

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Do You Remember Tir Na Nog?

Do You Remember Tir Na Nog?

  • Baseman
    Wow.Tir Na Nog. I didn't have a clue about this game. I used to just walk about hoping to catch on. Then one day I looked at the box to see if there were any clues, I nearly dropped off my chair, the company that made the game and another I owned Marsport (Gargoyle Games) were from my town Dudley not even half a mile from where I lived. Me and friends used to go to an arcade every afternoon next door to their offices. I ran to my friends and they were equally excited. Next day after school we went there, there was a parcel at the front so we picked it up and knocked the door of their office, a man came out and told us to go away and he wouldnt take the parcel, when we opened it ,it contained a tape and hardware to fit a Sinclair Spectrum. I was gutted because at the time i used to write my own games and wasx going to look to them for inspiration, I was gutted for weeks after that. lol