Timex Sinclair 1000

The Timex Sinclair 1000 was a very small computer developed in England and then picked up by Timex. It sported a 1K memory and flat touch keys with multiple usuage for each key. Output was fed in to a TV.

Later a 16K memory module could be added. I got mine in 1982 and had lots of fun despite the fact that it had no printer or disc (although others did evetually mate them together).

The Timex Sinclair 1000's operating system was a bit like DOS and I think was more powerful with the little it had to work with.

Alas, an unwelcome power spike ended my fun with the Timex Sinclair 1000.

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Do You Remember Timex Sinclair 1000?

Do You Remember Timex Sinclair 1000?

  • Anonymous user
    Iam a bit confused.Wasn't this computer known as the Sinclair ZX81 in the uk?