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The Snowman

Raymond Briggs story of how a boy builds a snowman but feels sorry for him being left in the cold during the night so goes outside to invite him in. The snowman is amazed by all the household wonders such as the television and the lamp and decides to show the boy his world. They fly off to the tune of "Walking In The Air" (NOT sung by Aled Jones!) and enjoy merriments with other snowmen and Father Christmas himself. They go back to the house and the boy settles himself down for a good nights sleep only to wake up in the morning and find the snowman has melted.

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Do You Remember The Snowman?

Do You Remember The Snowman?

  • Anonymous user
    This was the first time in my life that T.V moved me emotionally. The Snowman is really kind and gentle and you wish that you could be friends with him. This was on every christmas during my childhood and I'd cry every time the snowman melted at the end.