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The Shirt Tales

The Shirt Tales were created in 1980 by the Hallmark greeting card company. Their popularity resulted in a Saturday morning cartoon in 1982. The Shirt Tales were cute animal friends who wore tee-shirts that changed messages to reflect the characters' thoughts and feelings.

The leader of the Shirt Tales was Tyg Tiger, assisted by his friends Digger Mole, Rick Raccoon, and Pammy Panda. The group fought crime from a secret base in a city park, always careful to keep their crime-fighting a secret from dim-witted park ranger Mr. Dinkle.

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Do You Remember The Shirt Tales?

Do You Remember The Shirt Tales?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember The Shirt Tales cartoon like it was yesterday! Unfortunately I cannot remember their names, but I remember their purpose. They were almost like Care Bears but of course their powers came from their T-shirts rather than their bellies. I remember there was a tiger, and if I am not mistaken a mole? They should really rerun the cartoon some day