The Shining (1980)

Heeeeerrrrreeee's Johnny! Film starring Jack Nicholson who, whilst looking after a large scary hotel for the winter period, goes decidedly bonkers due to the hotel being somewhat... haunted/possessed. Unfortunately his family are there as well.

The Shining contains several references everyone recognises when you casually slip them into day to day conversation. 'Red Rum' being a fine example.

The Overlook Hotel is unforgettable, especially with the addition of small freaky boy rampaging round the rather spooky corridors on a tricycle and the murdered twin girls.

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Do You Remember The Shining?

Do You Remember The Shining?

  • MissConduct
    I always make a point of watching this film during the cold dark winter months - especially around Christmas time. It is not perhaps one of Kubrick's best, but Nicholson completely nails the role, and the WTF? ending just completes this wonderful film