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The Roxy was ITV`s version of Top Of The Pops. Remember, ITV had had previous success with that other fab music programme, The Tube? The Roxy hit our screens in 1987, presented by David Jensen and Kevin Sharkey. On its first show it featured music from Erasure and from then on mainly focussed on pop music of its time - Bananarama, Duran Duran, Five Star and so on - much like Top Of The Pops. Unfortunately, its demise was largely due to the fact that filming took place ins tudios in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - what band would travel all that way for a three-minute slot on the show, really? The Roxy ended a year later.

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Do You Remember The Roxy?

Do You Remember The Roxy?

  • Anonymous user
    Underage we got picked out clubin coz we was dancing, come to a new TV show the roxy well. Me and my mate were their 4every show in the audience met bross, christiens,wet wet wet,
  • scotchmist
    I remember the Poxy.....sorry! Roxy, it was much maligned at the time probably because David Jensen was so irritating! I've still got a video recording of Shirley Bassey singing the "Rhythm Divine" with Yello on the show.