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The Rag Trade

Comedy series set in a London clothing firm, that was first launched in 1961 but remade in '77. Written by Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney, it starred Peter Jones as Harold Fenner, owner and manager of the company 'Fenner Fashions' and Reg 'On The Buses' Varney as foreman Reg.

The late, great Miriam Karlin was militant shop steward Paddy Fleming, ever ready to call a strike. Other cast members including Shiela Hancock, Esma Reese Cannon and Barbara Windsor. Much of the scripts from the original early '60s series were adapted for use in the late '70s one. In contrast to most sitcoms of the time, The Rag Trade had fairly strong feminist leanings and was a satire on the way in which pompous, patronising male bosses sought to suppress women's right in the workplace.

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Do You Remember The Rag Trade?

Do You Remember The Rag Trade?

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    Saw this on DVD and liked it. Very much in the "On The Buses" vein - workforce taking on the boss and winning every time - but yes, much stronger female characters. My favourite was the episode where they've had a win on the horses but the betting slip has been sewn into one of the garments they've made. Mr Fenner comes in to find them all being ripped apart!